Glen Stern

Solve Problems & Create Opportunity

Glen Stern is the founder and “CPS (Chief Problem Solver)” of EmpowerLogic Studio.  He has an extensive resume of accomplishments in business development and networking.  Glen loves to play the drums with an array of different artists, ride his custom Harley and travel.  He has 2 amazing daughters that keep him very busy.  Glen has invested heavily in the development of EmpowerLogic Studio to create a one of a kind artist club that empowers its members to reach goals and have success at their craft.  He has surrounded himself with incredibly talented people that bring magic everyday.

Glen was born on March 14th in New York City and has moved many many places around the country and the world.  California has been his home since 1991.  His business background includes Printing, Labeling, Software Development, Restaurateur, Clothing and Music.  ELS has become his passion of passions.  He says “Music is universally infinite, everything having to do with it is limitless and can be timeless”.  One of his favorite music quotes is “Music can change the world because music changes people” he is not sure who said it?  If you know give him a shout and let him know.





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